I am the founder and CEO of KML Tax Solutions working with small business owners all across America.


As an Enrolled Agent (EA), I am what is considered as America's tax expert.  EAs are federally-licensed tax practitioners who both specialize in tax preparation and have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.  I began my career as a tax preparer with H&R Block as a seasonal employee as I pursued other interests.  Since then, I have created my own practice to work full-time  providing tax preparation and payroll service both locally (West Coast of Florida) and nationally.  

My team and I are excited to build our business as we help you to do the same.  Let's connect and see how together we can expand our entrepreneurial services with our communities.

Kris Leitz
Founder & CEO,
KML Business Solutions

My story might amuse you as I found my focus and joy in the business world finally come to life when I decided to I wanted to become a pet groomer. 


A little back story is that I had gone back to college for finance management and business development in 2001.  In 2010, I started working within the tax field, but I found myself going from a feast to famine schedule working within the H&R Block structure.  This had me looking at a different and more joyous path as I saw a new career as a pet groomer getting me through those famine periods (i.e. holiday season when demand for taxes are low but pet grooming are high!). 


It was only when I discovered that grooming is both a full-time and strenuous profession that I decided to combine my skills and desires by creating a business as a pet groomer's financial specialist.  I don't just provide assistance during tax season, but all year long.  I may not have thought to do this as a child, but becoming a princess or President of the United States lost its shine and here I am – a pet groomer’s specialist.

For more information, please contact us.  We are happy to get to know you better!

Located in Bradenton, Florida

but cover all 50 States

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