Tax Resolution Services

As an Enrolled Agent, the IRS permits KML Tax Solutions to represent taxpayers when dealing with certain tax issues.

This includes communicating on behalf of the client with IRS employees to resolve tax problems, and possibly lower taxes, penalties and interest.  

So if you get an IRS letter regarding a tax issue, you will be better off working with a professional than handling it yourself.

Services that I offer:

  • Handling IRS Correspondence

  • Calling the IRS if necessary

  • Doing Offers in Compromises, if applicable

  • Assisting with Installment agreements

  • Assisting if a lien or levy is placed on the client

Services that I refer out:

  • In person audits - I work with a number of EA/CPAs/tax attorneys that specialize in audits

  • Tax Court representation - An attorney or an EA that has specialized in this area.

Tax Monitoring Report Service


Take the guess work out of whether or not you are under examination by the IRS. 

Did you know it could take 6 months before the IRS may notify that you are going to be investigated (audited) by them?  That is six months where you may be facing increased penalties and interest if there was additional taxes assessed to a return filed.

Did you know that the IRS can go back 10 years (or more) to assess your tax returns?  That means that if you didn't file in 2008, the IRS may be able to go back and send you a bill for that year.

The Tax Monitoring Report Service is a way for you to be proactive.  By being proactive, you can see if you are at risk of having the IRS investigating prior year returns.  If you know a letter is coming where you are being assessed additional taxes, penalties and interest, you can deal with the issue now (either filing a return not filed or amending a tax return).  This can significantly lower any penalties and interest, and even possibly get a refund!

Yes, a refund!  Why?  Well, if you are slated to get a letter for a 2016 (or later) tax return for filing, the  IRS could be filing a substitute tax return.  They will use whatever tax documents they have received (W2s, 1099s, etc) and do a return for you.  It will not be to your benefit though.  You will be reported as single (while you may actually be married or head of household with children).  That is definitely not in your favor!  While the IRS may show you owe, in actuality, you may be able to get a refund if you file.

This service includes getting your income and wage reports from the IRS so you can see what you need to have to include on your tax return.  

If you file the tax return (amendment) before the letter is generated, penalties and interest may be lowered or possibly deleted.


In your first year, you1 will receive an initial report going back as far as 1998.  It will let you know what returns are considered complete and no further assessment will be investigated.  Also each week, you will be notified if any changes have occurred for you to be aware of, so you can tackle it right off.

At the end of your subscription year, you'll get a report where you currently stand.  This is when you can choose to continue with an annual membership and receive the weekly monitoring, including the most recent tax return filed.

2019/2020 Fees 

Initial Year Subscription- $199 

Renewals - $149

These fees are based on the type of tax return.  If you are a business, and would also like to have a report for your business return (S-Corporations, Partnerships) and/or Payroll, a separate fee is required.

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